Activities that build confidence for students

Students are vulnerable. They’re exposed to not only a gigantic sea of people in college but all kinds of “cool” on social media as well. Their confidence could take a hit and halt the development of a healthy self-esteem and affect their thoughts negatively.

Students also start worrying more about how they look and perform rather than how they feel. This can take them even further away from wanting to go to school or college. But wait, if you’re a student, you’re probably wondering, ”Can nothing be done to prevent these feelings?” There are a lot of activities that build confidence for students and it’s all fun, I promise!

Some Examples Of Fun Student Activities

You can get involved with campus activities while you’re in college. By participating in these activities, you’ll be able to understand different aspects of your community and learn new skills that you can use in your professional and personal life later. This will help you be more confident in yourself, thereby reducing your worries about the future.

What kind of activities to be a part of?

  • Joining a college club or team gives you a great opportunity to meet new people who share similar interests.
  • You can also find various opportunities to volunteer at local organizations in your neighborhood. Pet care, spending time at an orphanage and environment preservation are just some examples.
  • Another great way to find communities in and around your college is to look for them online. You’ll find something that interests you. For example: a local sports team, dance group or a music band.

These are just a few. Let’s explore more activities to help you get started on a more confident student life.

5 Confidence Building Activities For Students

Activities that build confidence for students

1. Build a Collage

Sounds like a kid’s activity right? Wrong! This is not an ordinary collage. This collage is going to be made of your achievements, and by achievements I don’t mean an Oscar award. These achievements can be small or big, it doesn’t matter. Gather all those pictures of you reciting a poem when you were 5 and the time your science project was appreciated in 5th grade. You’re a star in your world and you deserve to see it every day up on that wall. Yes!

2. Journal of Strengths

We all have probably heard about gratitude journals and confidence affirmations but what is a journal of strengths? A journal of strengths is all about filling it up with all the good things about you! Pick up any diary, write today’s date on top left or right and jot down five strengths you have right now. Is that it? Nope. You have to do this every day. Also, read the entire week’s writings once a week. I bet you had no idea how many good things you’re made of!

3. Confidence Affirmations

Okay. So, in my previous point I assumed that everyone knows what affirmations are. My bad! Confidence affirmations can change how you think and feel about yourself. They take you away from negative thoughts about yourself and fill your mind with positive self-thoughts! You have to repeat positive statements about yourself over and over to be able to believe and feel them deeply. How do you do that? You can divide your “strength journal” into two parts – strength and affirmations. Here’s an example: In the affirmations part write – I am worthy of love and happiness. Read it out loud over and over again.

4. Learn Something New

Learning something new can help build confidence. It could be a new language, a sport or just gardening! It keeps you active, increases your knowledge and leaves little room for any thoughts of low self-esteem. If you’re enrolling in classes for this learning, you also get to meet new people with similar interests. You make more friends and gradually get comfortable in social settings. Once you finish learning something new, practice it to become an expert. By doing this you’re not only enhancing your own skills and boosting your confidence but also becoming capable of teaching others!

5. Face Your Fears

Just like creating a journal of strengths, create another one for your fears. Yes, you read that right. Writing down your fears can help you build your confidence. How? Once you write them down, write down a plan of action on how you’d like to face them and conquer them. For example, if you fear or are awkward in social situations, your plan of action will include participating in college activities and projects. This will help you interact with different kinds of people regularly, thereby reducing your awkwardness over time. Working on your fears starts with writing them down and making yourself accountable to put in the effort. And once you put in the effort to face them, you’ll see that it works like magic. Do this activity once every week. Give it time and you’ll be surprised at the results.

Confidence Can Boost Your Future

I know how difficult new college life can be, especially when you’re low on confidence and feel like everyone else is better than you. And that’s the catch! You don’t have to compare yourself with anyone else but you. Are you better than you were yesterday? Are you more confident than you were a month ago? Participate in these confidence building activities, write them down and put in the work. Make that your only focus and see how your student life changes. Trust me, but more than anything, trust yourself.