Affirmations confidence

“I am what I think” is a statement that many of you have already heard or read somewhere. And its true. Our thoughts manifest in our external life which is why its important for them to be positive. Confidence boosting affirmations can make a huge difference in the way you perceive yourself. Think about it. You’ve never really complimented yourself. In fact, you’ve probably been pulling yourself down without even realizing it. ”I don’t look good”, ”I will never get that job”, ”He will never ever go out with me.” Any of these sound familiar? Here are 5 affirmations that can help you change the way you look at yourself.

Confidence Building Affirmations

“I am enough.”

Many of you (me too!) sometimes feel like we’re not enough. We feel like the world is getting ahead of us and everyone else is so much better. We feel like we aren’t intelligent enough, beautiful enough, happy enough, successful enough and what not. Stop telling yourself these lies. Remember that everyone’s journey is different and so is their pace. You’re enough, always enough.

“I can and I will”

Affirmations confidence

If you’re in the ”I can’t” rut, this affirmation can help. Most people underestimate their strengths and overestimate their shortcomings which gives them a very negatively biased view of themselves. Repeating this affirmation on a regular basis can help boost your confidence by not only telling your mind that you’re capable but also programming it to get into action.

“I’m becoming the best version of myself”

You want your days to be better than your previous days, right? How do you make that happen? By telling yourself that you’re on your way to become the best version of yourself. This will help you stay out of the procrastination zone (that often comes from lack of confidence) and will propel you towards feeling good about yourself. What else? This affirmation also motivates you to take action and actually make this come true!

“I will make the most of what’s in my control.”

Affirmations confidence

Many people lose confidence when they worry too much about the things that aren’t in their control. Can we do anything about those things? Nope. What we can do instead is – make the most of what you can control! It’s about changing the way we see things. Same situation, different lens, a positive one!

“I accept myself the way I am”

This is probably the hardest part. Why? We’re so conditioned to look at ourselves from a negative lens that this one might feel like mammoth task. Okay. think about it this way. Do we readily accept others with all their freckles and flaws and flabs and follies? If the answer is yes, then it is clear that you’re using two different lenses to see others and yourself. Repeat this affirmation on a regular basis to slowly start accepting yourself.

Affirmations Work When You Do

A lot of people have a misconception about affirmations. They’re not some magical chants (I think they are actually!) that will simply change everything in your life once you start reciting them. Yes, thats the problem. You don’t ”recite” affirmations. It’s not just about saying these words but also about feeling them. While you speak these statements, you need to truly embrace every word and feel it in your soul to be able to actually transform your self-perception.

If you’re still unable to do so, know that confidence can be learned. Affirmations take some time to fully bloom you into your actual beautiful, confident and free being; but it’s a path that has the power to transform your life, if only you’re willing.