Build your confidence

I had zero confidence as a kid. It got worse at school and in college but here I am today with a career that allows me to interact with new people every day! Guess what? I’m not nervous anymore. You can learn to be confident too (yes, it’s a skill that can be learned!) Let me briefly tell you what can help you as it helped me too.

  • Accept your flaws as they’re ”Normal”.
  • Understand that your body is a temple and not a dumpster for people’s opinions.
  • No question is dumb. In fact, questions lead to discoveries and inventions. Ask away!
  • What people think of you is not the definition of “You”. Pay attention to what you believe.
  • Walking, dancing or just moving your body can help you feel better when you’re feeling under-confident.

Here’s what can help you change the perception of you:

  • What do you see in the mirror? A beautiful and unique creation. There will ever be another you! (Tell this to yourself every day)
  • Saying ”no” won’t make you a terrible person. Set your boundaries.
  • Does He/She/They love you? Change the question. Do you love yourself?
  • Don’t let your “value-meter” be in someone else’s control. You’re worthy of love and the right people will be able to see that easily.

Find out if you lack confidence here.

Doing all of these can change how you see yourself and that’s exactly the foundation of confidence. Below is something special for you to look at every time you feel like you’re going low on confidence.

Your Confidence Toolkit

4 Powerful Ways To Change Your Self-Perception

Increase self-confidence

Your Confidence Is Just a Few Steps Away

These steps might seem overwhelming at first but once you start implementing them, you’ll see a noticeable change in you. From moving your body and loving your body to saying a no and asking more questions, each one takes you a step ahead towards building the best version of you.

Save these, print these, make them your desktop or phone wallpaper. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of how amazing you are; as I said before, there will never be another you.