Students confidence

Confidence in oneself makes it easier to meet new people, learn new information, and excel in extracurricular activities. But how to be a confident student? This can be a tough task because as a student, you’re more vulnerable and sensitive to criticism. You probably lose confidence quickly when confronted with harsh comments or academic setbacks. But you’ve seen that popular kid at school or in college that you want to be like. You wonder, how do they do that? Don’t worry, I’ll give you some helpful tips in this article.

Here are some traits and behaviors of confident students:

  • They believe in their abilities
  • They have the ability to learn from feedback.
  • They aren’t afraid to try new things.
  • They socialize easily.
  • They are not afraid to make mistakes.

5 Tips To Be A More Confident Student

Students confidence

While there’s no formula to go from zero to hundred in a jiffy on the confidence scale, these tips can help you take the baby steps towards boosting your confidence,. It’s a process and you must understand that expecting instant gratification will only lead to disappointment.

The good news is that the reward more than outweighs the frustration that comes with the slow pace of the process. Confidence will not only help you be more successful but will also help you maintain your personal and professional relationships and various life situations when you grow up. So, look at it as the foundation of building a good life.

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Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

I talked about the popular kid at the very beginning of the article and I did that to come to this. The one thing that can blow your confidence fear away from you is comparison. She’s so popular, he’s so handsome, she’s the class topper, etc all good statements as long they’re “appreciations. The moment you’re thinking of such things from how competent they are “versus” you, there’s a problem.

Instead of focusing your energy on what they have that you don’t, focus it on what are they doing right that’s making their life better for them every day? What can you learn?

Focus On Your Strengths

Now that you stopped comparing yourself, it’s time to direct the focus completely on yourself. While someone else is popular for their great dance moves, you’re probably a good writer or a singer or have the ability to make people laugh. What’s your superpower? What’s your strength? Find it, hone it, practice it and show it!

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Don’t Hesitate To Talk

If you’re that student who feels like anything that comes out of your mouth is dumb, you surely lack confidence. You’ve no idea the number of times I’ve asked stuff that could put my own embarrassment to shame! The important thing is that I asked. I thought it’s dumb but still asking it made me smarter because if I didn’t ever ask it, I’d never get the right answer.

Talk to other students, your teachers, friends and parents about everything that’s on your mind. It will help you open up. The most amazing inventions started with questions. You’ve no idea what your question could end up doing for the world!

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Discover Yourself

Growing up is the best time of your life. You’re yet to discover so many things about yourself. How will you know you’re great at skiing if you don’t ever try it? As a student you have many opportunities to explore yourself and create your own journey ahead.

You’re incharge! Explore your abilities and don’t be afraid to try new stuff, both academically and personally. Once you find something you enjoy and are good at, do more of it.

Make More Mistakes

Sounds odd? It isn’t. Mistakes make us human and look at the bright side: The more mistakes you make the more you have an opportunity to learn! Don’t fear making mistakes or failure or rejections. If your teacher scolds you for submitting the wrong assignment, take that as an opportunity to learn.

When you looks at your mistakes as learning steps rather than some big unforgivable crimes, you’ll see how quickly your confidence grows.

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Unleash Your Hidden Confidence

Yes, you already have it. Either it’s still hidden inside you or has wandered off into the endless abyss of a judgmental world. Unlocking, unleashing and re-learning confidence is not impossible. You only need to be willing and believing. Your superpower is just yours. Let it be seen at home, school, college and the world.