Myths about confidence

Myths about confidence? Is that even a thing? As baffling as this may sound, unfortunately, it’s the truth. There are many misconceptions about confidence and people who believe these myths end up confusing confidence with arrogance; and low self-esteem with humility among other things. Let’s embrace confidence for what it really is!

Misconceptions About Confidence

If you’re well-acquainted with what confidence is all about, you’ve already heard some or all of these. If you know someone who has these misconceptions, help them unleash their potential by busting these myths!

Confidence is all about lying to convince

Confidence and lies
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Far from it. One doesn’t need to lie to be confident. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s harder to speak the truth than to lie. Real confidence is about being able to say the truth without hesitating. Let that mask of pseudo-confidence fall because “fake it till you make it“ doesn’t take you too far.

Confidence can’t be learned

Confidence can’t be learned
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Confidence is not an innate talent but an acquired skill. Anyone can go from being under-confident to extremely confident by practising these skills over a period of time. It’s not that certain people in the world got blessed with this secret recipe for confidence! You can very much attain it too.

Confidence is not that important

Confidence is not that important
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While you do need other life skills, confidence can surely propel you towards success much faster. Moreover, confidence isn’t just a great skill to acquire for your professional life but can help you have better relationships, more open communication with the world and a higher comfort level in social situations.

So, why exactly is confidence so important?

Confidence can cause ego problems

Confidence and ego problems
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Probably one of the worst myths I’ve heard about confidence. If your friends, partner or anybody at all has an ego that’s fragile against your confidence then they’re low on self-esteem. It’s not YOUR confidence causing their ego problems, it’s THEIR low self-esteem that hurts their ego. So, you don’t need to bring your confidence down to make them feel better.

What does this mean? This means they need a confidence boost to get rid of this problem. You can help them with some confidence-boosting affirmations!

You can’t be confident without being a little rude

Confident and rude
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Confidence is about being able to speak your thoughts out loud without worrying about what anyone thinks. This is about being honest and straightforward without inhibition. This in no way is synonymous with being rude. You can always be straightforward without hurting anyone’s feelings. Rudeness is more to do with the way you speak than whether you speak confidently or not. Confidence just helps you speak up. Now whether you scream, whisper, talk politely or be all grumpy, the choice is yours. Confidence can’t be blamed!

Did you know narcissists hate confident people?

You Build Confidence and Confidence Builds You

Like I said before, confidence is no secret recipe. It’s out in the open, ready to be picked up and embraced by you. Don’t be afraid, don’t believe the myths and more than your arms, open your heart. You’ll see that bond you have with yourself. You’ll see that when you build confidence, confidence builds you too.