Destroy your confidence

Do you know that certain habits and even thoughts can stop you from reaching the confidence levels you desire? In fact, they can destroy your confidence! The worst part, we don’t even realize that we’re destroying our confidence. Don’t worry. Here’s a list of 10 mistakes you must stop making now in order to safeguard your confidence.

Confidence-Killing Mistakes

1. Comparing yourself to others

When we think we have what it takes to succeed, we tend to believe that we are good enough. We start thinking about how great our product is, how much money we make, how many people we help, and how successful we’ve been. When we begin to compare ourselves to others, we lose sight of who we really are and where we truly stand. If you want to build and not destroy your confidence, stop comparing yourself to others. You don’t need to know everything about something to do it well. Focus instead on doing your best work. And if you mess up, just get back up again and keep going.

2. Not being honest with yourself

We often lie to ourselves about what we’re capable of achieving. We tell ourselves that we’ll never be able to achieve something, when in reality, we may not even try. But if you want to build confidence and become a self-starter, then you need to learn to be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself about what you’re capable of achieving. Don’t let your ego get in the way of success.

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3. Trying to please everyone

We all want to be liked and appreciated. But trying to please everyone around us only makes us feel worse. Instead, focus on pleasing yourself. Do things that make you happy and proud. Take care of yourself first before taking care of anyone else.

4. Waiting for someone to give you permission

You should always take action on your own behalf. You shouldn’t wait for someone else’s approval before you act. There’s no point in waiting until you’re ready to go out and and celebrate a birthday or simply have fun. You can’t afford to wait. So why would you wait for someone else to approve of your career, outfit choices or any other actions that aren’t harming anyone else?

5. Taking shortcuts

If you want to build confidence in yourself, you need to avoid shortcuts at all costs. You might think that you can get away with cutting corners, but you won’t. You might think that it doesn’t matter, but it does. Building confidence means sticking to your guns. You can’t cut corners and expect to build confidence.

6. Feeling like you know everything

It’s really hard to change if you’ve been doing the same thing for years. By the same thing, I mean the same old mistakes or not exploring more in the same field. Sometimes, you might feel like you know everything there is to know about a certain topic, but that isn’t true. There’s always room for improvement.

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7. Being afraid to fail

Everyone fails. Everyone! Even the greatest entrepreneurs have failed. Failure is inevitable. What matters is how you respond to failure. Will you allow failure to destroy you? Or will you use failure as motivation to improve? If you never try, it’s a 100% failure. You’re not even taken any chance. This will make you feel dull, incompetent and always afraid. Definitely not the recipe for confidence!

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8. Being Impatient

Patience is a virtue. You can’t expect to achieve great success without patience. You need to learn how to wait for things to happen instead of rushing ahead. If you rush ahead and end up failing over and over again with the same thing, you’re bound to destroy your confidence over time.

9. You’re not consistent

Consistency is the key to success. If you want to become successful, you need to keep practicing over and over again until you perfect your craft. Why am I talking so much about success in relation to confidence? Because there’s a relation between the two.

10. You don’t practice

Practice makes perfect. Practice is the only way you can get better at something. There’s no substitute for hard work. If you don’t practice what you like or what you’re good at, you’re likely to fail repeatedly in that particular aspect which will end up making you feel under-confident. While it’s okay to fail, it’s mot okay to self-sabotage oneself into failure. If you’re failing because you’re not consistent or practising enough, you need to correct something in you.

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Get Out Of This Messy Low Confidence Phase

Yes, you can! Just by avoiding these ten mistakes, you can make a huge difference in your journey towards building more confidence. If you feel like you lack confidence and can’t point a finger at what the problem is, assess yourself against these mistakes. Confidence is NOT an innate trait, it is an acquirable skill. Don’t destroy your confidence. Don’t deprive yourself of being your best version!