Narcissists hate confident people

It’s no secret that narcissists hate confident people. They’re envious of your success and want to destroy your confidence so they can take over the world. But why? Why would someone who has everything want to make you feel insecure? The answer lies in one word: control.

You see, confident people usually have a lot of power over their lives—they’re successful at work or in relationships, but more importantly they know how to be happy with themselves and what makes them happy (which is why narcissists don’t like them). So when confronted with someone who seems to have all these things going for themselves—and who doesn’t need anyone else’s approval or approval from others—it can be difficult for narcissists not just because they don’t understand it but also because they don’t know how best deal with it.

Let’s see what happens in a narcissist’s mind and why they look for people who lack confidence.

Do you feel like you lack confidence? Know the signs.

But Aren’t Narcissists Confident People?

The narcissist’s confidence is all a facade

In the world of narcissistic people, confidence is not a trait to be admired. Narcissists are insecure and do not trust anyone, including themselves. They may have a good idea of who they want to be and what they want out of life, but this is only because they have been told so many times that they are extraordinary beings by those around them (usually their parents). This false sense of self-worth can often be seen when someone has made up their mind about something before even knowing how it feels from inside out – such as “I won’t let anyone hurt me anymore!” or “I will never settle for less than I deserve!”

These statements only serve as temporary Band-Aids over wounds which will show themselves later on down the road when things don’t go according to plan; however much we might want them too!

7 Reasons Why Narcissists Hate Confident People

1. The narcissist needs you to feel insecure so that they can feel better about themselves

They’re insecure about their own self-worth, and in order for them to get validation from others (particularly from the people who are closest to them), they need to make other people feel worse about themselves.

So, let’s say there’s a conversation where I’m talking about confidence: “I know how important confidence is,” I might say, “but I don’t think it’s just good manners—confidence actually leads us into success.” And then my friend says: “Really?” And then we go back and forth with this idea until finally someone says something like: “No offense but how would you know? You seem really confident all the time.”

2. The narcissist needs you to think their way so that they can feel better about themselves

The narcissist wants your validation, and if you don’t provide it, he or she will try to get it in other ways. The narcissist might send you gifts or flowers—or even just pretend to care about something that doesn’t matter at all—to win your time and attention. If this doesn’t work, then the next step is likely manipulation: convincing you that whatever favors and privileges being given to you because of THEM!

3. The narcissist doesn’t want to compete with anyone

They don’t want to be challenged by anyone, because they are afraid of being told that they are wrong or weak. Narcissists also have a tendency towards arrogance and self-importance (which is why they may seem like they’re better than everyone else), so when you challenge them on something, it can cause them a lot of pain and embarrassment because it reminds them that they aren’t special after all – which means there’s no reason for them to keep getting upset over your opinions!

4. Confident people do not put up with the abuse of others

You are not a doormat, and you certainly don’t owe anyone your happiness. You think for yourself, you make decisions based on what is best for YOU, and when it comes to other people’s feelings or behaviour (or mental illness), they need to take responsibility for theirs—not yours!

5. Confident people are not interested in validation from others.

Confident people know who they are and what they want, so they don’t need anyone else’s approval or validation to feel good about themselves. Confident people know that self-acceptance is the key to living a happy life, regardless of how others treat them (and even if those others treat them poorly).

Confidence is not about being “cool,” it’s about knowing your worth as an individual—and feeling confident about yourself enough to act on that knowledge!

6. Confident people are content with who they are and what they have

Confident people don’t need to be perfect, because they know that perfection is not possible in this world.

Confident people aren’t afraid to be themselves. They don’t care if their friends or family members don’t like them, because the only thing that matters is making sure that their own self-worth is strong enough for them to accept whatever happens around them without judgement or criticism from others.

Confident people don’t give up when faced with adversity—they can bounce back from anything if necessary! Confident people know how important it is for them not just survive but thrive in life by overcoming obstacles along the way (and yes—there will always be obstacles).

7. Narcissists hate confident people because there is no place for them in their life

Narcissists are not interested in competition, validation or people who are content with who they are. They want to be the best at everything and therefore don’t have time for anyone else’s success because it takes away from their own ego.


These are some of the main reasons why narcissists hate confident people. When confronted with confident people who don’t put up with their nonsense, they will lash out in any way possible to get attention from others so that they can feel better about themselves again. If you don’t want to fall in a narcissist’s trap, the first step is to assess your confidence levels. If you come to the conclusion that you do lack confidence, take steps to build your confidence. Confidence is one major tool against narcissists and building it will help you stay away from energy leeches.

You can use positive confidence affirmations and confidence quotes to motivate yourself. If you’re already in a narcissist’s trap and can’t get out, I urge you to seek urgent help via narcissistic abuse helplines and legal authorities.

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