Courage to cry

It’s not about men or women, it’s not about kids or adults, it’s none of that. Crying is universal. I mean the emotion of pain is. Crying is a verb which means it is an action but we all know people don’t always cry on the outside. Why does it take courage to cry? What’s so brave about shedding salty drops of misery? A lot more than you could’ve ever imagined.

What’s courageous about crying?

  • Crying means you’re fighting and releasing your pain to feel lighter.

  • When you cry, you exhibit the level of comfort you have with your emotions. This speaks volumes about your self-love practices and your bond with yourself?

Let’s understand each of these points in detail.

Courage And Crying: Whats The Connection?

Courage to cry

While you might think both are mutually exclusive words, you couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s unfortunate that crying is considered a weak exhibition of emotions but it isn’t. If anything, it’s empowering and leads you to have a better bond with yourself. Let me explain.

Showing vulnerability is a sign of strength

Let’s be logical. If crying was really a weak action, would you be afraid to do it? Why does it scare you so much? You’re afraid to show your feelings to someone. In fact, you’re afraid to accept what you’re feeling. You don’t want to cry even when you’re alone because you don’t want to face your own self, love your own self and accept what you’re feeling. You want to live in denial.

You see, you’re afraid and that’s why you don’t cry. Courageous people who are unafraid to embrace their emotions don’t hesitate to cry when they’re in pain.

Crying means fighting pain to feel lighter

If you think that controlling your tears is how you fight pain and become strong, you’re wrong. Controlling any emotion and keeping it inside you means you’re bottling it up. It keeps getting added to you, snowballing inside you becoming bigger; making your walls weaker until eventually, you break apart. This cycle of holding it all in makes you weaker, not stronger.

Crying helps you lighten up. Every time you feel hurt or just want to vent out any feelings, crying can free you from the weight of your overwhelming emotions. It takes courage to fight pain by crying it out. Be courageous to let go of any kind of preconditioning that gives you pseudo-strength. Brave up and cry.

Crying Speaks Volumes About Your Relationship With Yourself

How comfortable are you with you? Do you accept what you feel with an open heart or do you suffocate your inner voice by stuffing it with the worldly (AND FALSE) notion of ”Strong people don’t cry”. Feed your mind what you will but know that your relationship with yourself will always be the most important one; one that probably goes beyond your last breath. Best friends? Worst enemies? Or simply strangers? How would you define your relationship with your inner self?

Crying openly with a heart that accepts you as you are, can be that defining factor for your bond. Stop dismissing what you feel, stop denying your pain; be courageous and cry till the last drop runs dry.

The Tears Of Happiness

Who says crying is only for when you’re in pain? Now that you’ve understood why crying comes from courage, it’s time to unwrap yourself from the shiny albeit delusional identity of strength. There are so many people in pain who are walking around you. You don’t even know it because they’re not courageous enough to cry. In reality, jokers don’t always laugh, or do they?