Negative comments and opinions

If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all – Something everyone talks about and something most “Only” talk about. Whether its the virtual world or our real life, do we really shut up? There are many who will talk about standing up and getting your voice heard but there’s hardly some who will tell you to sit down and embrace silence in a situation where its more powerful.

There’s a reason why I’ve reduced my trips to my social accounts. No, I’m not being “cynical”. The reality is that it hurts me to see people constantly tear other people down and for no reason at all. Whether its over something as simple as not liking the color of the person’s dress in that post or something as obnoxious as not liking the color of their skin.

When is it best to keep one’s opinions to oneself?

Embrace the art of silence if what you have to say is:

  • Not adding anything valuable to the post or to anyone seeing the post either.
  • Is humiliating or bullying the person posting or anyone from the audience.
  • Can adversely affect self-esteem, confidence and mental health of the person posting or anyone from the audience.

If the post itself is doing any of the above, go ahead and stand up against it but don’t become the person who is spreading negativity, hate, bullying or public shaming of any kind. You’re better than that. You understand what toxic positivity and toxic empowerment is and you don’t want to be a part of the pseudo-policing parade.

There’s no dearth of wars and viruses in the world, then why start or become one? Say something good or simply move forward, scroll ahead and get on with your life. While this could sound harsh but your nose deep diving in other people’s businesses isn’t helping with their success and growth. It’s never too late to realize if you’re getting carried away by the perils of the virtual world. Want to change course? Here’s what you can do.

How to refrain from commenting negatively?

If you’ve been doing this without realizing, don’t worry. Take a step back and here’s what you can do:

Final Thoughts

Yes, you’re entitled to your opinions but what differentiates toxicity from normalcy is to know when to voice them and when to silently move on. Enjoy every platform for what it has to offer. The freedom to express without being labelled or shamed is the best way to do so. After all, that was the whole purpose of why social media networks or the digital world came into existence. Or was it?